Corporate, Business, & Personal Gifts

From the perfect personalized Thank You and Appreciation Gift to branded Corporate and Business Gift giving needs, Slade Grove has hand crafted the perfect way to show someone you care and the best way to say Thank You!

Slade Grove understands the the art of gift giving; we know how to get the details right. Personalized your gift with a custom, from the heart gift message to including brand support material along with imprinting your company logo, business name or call to action message.

All of Slade Grove’s caramels, shortbread cookies, and over the top brownies are created by hand, and tended to with heart. All of our dessert creations are made in the USA and are always delivered fresh. From individual gifts to corporate and business gift giving, we’re sure they’ll love your gift from Wicked City Kitchen where dessert is done right.

At Slade Grove we believe the best way to show your appreciation is to create special moments your friends, clients, employees, and customers simply won’t forget.

Choose from Slade’s personally curated selection of corporate, business and personal gifts of handmade all-natural caramels, fresh from the oven shortbread cookies and over-the-top brownies that no one can resist.

All-Natural Caramels

A decadent blend of fresh cream, pure cane sugar, real vanilla, butter and infused with various flavors for the perfect caramel experience. Created by hand, and tended to with heart. All natural, no additives, no preservatives, and naturally gluten free. There are approximately 28 to 33 individual gourmet caramels per one pound (1lb) package and 10 to 13 caramels per six ounce (6oz) package. The size and weight of each individual caramel vary because they are crafted, cut, and wrapped by hand.