Award Winning Desserts

All of the amazing all-natural desserts offered by Wicked City Kitchen are created by nationally recognized award winning Celebrity Pastry Chef Slade Grove. Each incredible mouth watering morsel is handcrafted and tended to with heart. Wicked City Kitchen uses only all-natural ingredients and we never use any additives or preservatives in the crafting of our products.

Wicked City Kitchen and our amazing staff of incredible Dessert Ambassadors believes in protecting the Dessert Experience. Thus, we at Wicked City Kitchen are missionaries and evangelists of the dessert experience, expanding its pleasures to all parts of the day.


These aren’t our average brownies. Slade has handcrafted an out-of-this-world brownie experience with his outrageous lineup of rich double chocolate fudge brownies and buttery melt-in-your-mouth blondie brownies. These brownies aren’t for the weak or faint of heart. These are like no other brownie you’ve ever experienced. Order yours today and experience what brownies should be.


A rich buttery taste with a slightly sandy texture these memorable shortbread cookies will become a tradition in your home or office. Available in five (5) incredibly rich and tender flavors. Order yours today.


These caramels are a true melt in your mouth taste sensation that will be remembered. Made from scratch in small batches with each caramel is hand cut and wrapped with care. Made from real cane sugar and available in over a dozen traditional and unique flavors. Caramels make an excellent gift for any occasion.

Ordered the Kentucky Fire Bourbon Browned Butter Pecan Pie this year for Thanksgiving. It was incredible. Pecan pies are a dime a dozen usually, but Slade really makes a unique and great pie. It was a real hit with the family. Looking forward to trying more stuff from him.

Michael K.

The Beer and Pretzel Caramels are to die for. Now I know why these won an award. What a great combination of flavors. Can’t wait to try them all. Looking forward to receiving my next order of caramels. I ordered the Vanilla Latte this time.

Salman H.

Slade’s Red Velvet Cake is a must have. I order one every time I’m in Phoenix.

Alicia K

The vanilla latte caramel is a everything a coffee lover could ask for.

Stephanie V.